• To create developments with all the essential attributes required to ensure a high quality of life.
  • To be unsurpassed in providing value-added services that achieve total customer satisfaction.
  • To foster and encourage the long-term growth of every team member in an inspiring work environment where personal values flourish.


  • To design and build demanding projects for customers who have high expectations for value and craftsmanship.
  • To exceed our client's expectations in everything we do.
  • To continuously challenge our highly skilled professionals to produce high quality projects at realistic costs.
  • To measure our success by the way we serve our customers and the quality of projects we build.

Our Logo

  • The Sagar Builders' logo embodies the spirit of a solid, dynamic and forward-looking company.
  • The prominent 3-dimensional building depicts strength and firm resolve towards offering developments of only the finest quality.
  • The brown and mushroom colours reflect dependability, stability and elegance.
  • The stylized 'S' on the building reflects the Company's ability to seamlessly adapt its expertise and skill to offer customized solutions. 'Sagar' in a classy yet solid font represents a contemporary, new-age company which cherishes traditional values.

Disclaimer:All plans, drawings, amenities, features, specifications, other informations, etc. mentioned are indicative of the kind of development that is intended and are subject to the approval of the respective authorities. All renderings, floor plans, pictures, perspective views of buildings, internal road, boundary walls and/or landscapings and model furnished flats and location maps are the artist’s conceptions. Information given in this website is not final or legally binding and is liable to changes & modification as shall be required for the project, and the final discretion remains with the Promoters.